Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants #5 (This is War) was finished just in time for the 2010 Richmond Zine Fest.

Featuring: This is War- political essay, essay on accountability, essay on racism and being called out, vegan pie crust recipe, richmond copwatch, richmond food not bombs fighting to keep public park open, drawings by Kayla Dean, info about the Richmond Wingnut Anarchist Collective, queer essay against gay marriage by guest author Autumn Springs, an anarchist case for home ownership, and adorably bad drawings by me!

Please send 3 dollars to Mo Karnage PO Box 6025 Richmond, Virginia 23222 if you would like a copy. I also have back issues available:

CPHP #1- 2 dollars by mail

CPHP#2- 3 dollars by mail

CPHP#3- 3 dollars by mail

CPHP#4- 4 dollars by mail

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