Richmond October Really Really Free Market

Posted: October 6, 2008 in anarchism, anarchist, anarchy, distro, DIY, do it yourself, mutual aid, radical, Really really free market, social justice, social movements, solidarity, squat
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Richmond, Virginia Monthly Really
Really Free Market

The October Really Really Free Market
will be on Saturday October 25th from noon until 6. 

The Really Really Free Market happens
the last Saturday of every month in Monroe Park, at the corner of
Main and Laurel. 

The Really Really Free Market started
in Richmond in April, with events April, June, July, August, and
September. Originally held in Holly Street Park in Oregon Hill, the
event now occurs monthly in Monroe Park so as to be more visible and
more accessible. Some months Richmond Food Not Bombs has come with
free food. There have been workshops led by community members and
musical performances as well. Community members have brought games to
play with each other at the market. Vegan cookies have also been
known to make an appearance. 

We are bombarded with messages every
day that the sheer amount of things that we own is equal to the
amount of success that we have had in our lives, instead of placing
value on the people that we meet and the experiences that we have.

The RVA Really Really free markets (based on Really Really
Free Markets []) provide people with a chance
to share the excess that they possess, to prevent the landfills from
filling with stuff that will never decompose and is nowhere near the
end of its usefulness, and to offer the community a chance to come
together for a day of free fun in the sun! (or rain!)

So the
last Saturday of every month, bring your music, your skills, your
stuff, your food, and your friends and family, and help us prove that
there is enough stuff in the world for everybody!

Meeting Community Needs with Community

A really really free market is an alternative to the
capitalist version of a 'free market' where in fact, nothing is free.
The really really free market is a place where people can come bring
things they no longer need or use and give them away. The really
really free market is a place where people can come get the things
they need for free, without having to participate in the corporate,
killer market. Really really free market builds community instead of
destroying it.

Any stores, restaurants, or
organizations are welcome to bring their surplus items or food to
share with the community.

The Really Really Free Market is not
about bartering, selling, or discounting. All items are 110% free. No
one has to bring something to get something. Everyone can take what
they would like regardless of their contribution.

People can
come to share things besides the physical. Anyone interested in
sharing their skills or knowledge through a workshop should let us
know or just show up and teach others. Anyone interested in
performing, music or reading poetry or whatever, should contact us or
just show up.

So dig through your closets, take the extra from
your work, ask your parents and friends and neighbors to come to
bring stuff and come to get stuff. Bring clothes, furniture, food,
tapes, cds, office supplies, kitchen stuff, knick knacks, paddy
whacks, etc.

The best way to make the event awesome is to
advertise, so make your own fliers, tell people, mark your

Anything left at the end of the day will be taken
to Diversity Thrift.

The November Really Really Free Market
will be on Saturday Novemeber 29th.

The December Really Really Free Market
will be on Saturday December 27th.

If anyone is interested in
volunteering, helping to advertise, or finding out more information
you can do so through the internet, email, or phone.

call: 804 300 0023 (Mo Karn)

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