What you get when you order from Approaching Apocalypse

Posted: January 17, 2008 in anarchism, anarchist, anarchy, approaching apocalypse, mail, snail mail

When you order a couple zines from Approaching Apocalypse Zine Distro, you get more than some anonymous zines in the mail. Almost always you get a personalized letter (we love letters, be our pen pal), and  there are also various zines, pamphlets, stickers, and fliers that you get for free, because we are way more about the movement than we are about the money (which all goes to RVA Food Not Bombs anyway).  To create another world, a better world, we need to build more love and more connections. At Approaching Apocalypse, we do some of  that through the mail.

We are also total open to doing zine swaps and exchanges, because we want to become more of a part of the zine community, and the whole reason we have a distro is because we love zines, so chances are we want to read yours!

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