Approaching Apocalypse Distro

The Approaching Apocalypse Distro is an independent zine distributor working out of Amherst, Massachusetts and Richmond, Virginia. We publish and distribute DIY zines and other products (patches, buttons, etc.) that inspire and inform. The purpose of this project is to help disseminate ‘propaganda’, connect people around the world, and make the zine community more accessible to people everywhere. Information, art, music, ideas and stories were meant to be shared and the Approaching Apocalypse Distro will do what it can to share them by selling most items at reasonable prices or at cost (or less). Any ‘profits’ that are accidentally incurred will be donated to the Richmond, Virginia chapter of Food Not Bombs. 

The name Approaching Apocalypse is not reflective of a gloom and doom attitude about a fiasco of biblical proportions, but rather of an understanding that the world is a mess, and will likely only get messier (hopefully not actually end-of-the-world type messy). Reading and learning and writing and creating and loving are all ways that we can ‘prepare’ for what is to come. Approaching Apocalypse is also about living out our beliefs as anarchists- finding ways to be a positive influence and remain true to our anarchist ideals. We can not (and don’t want to) count on the government, corporations or any other organization to take care of us. It is up to all of us to find ways to contribute to our communities. Autonomy and community will be the keys to making the world better, not worse. As Rising Tide North America puts it when discussing climate change and the mess the world is in, “Practical solutions exist; it’s time we start using them and making them more widely accessible. We must dismantle the systems of oppression that permeate our culture and ourselves, and work toward real solidarity across lines of race, class, gender and sexual orientation. When we begin to build a culture of mutual aid and community autonomy, we demonstrate that we don’t need the government, and certainly not giant corporations, to survive. We just need a livable planet.”. ( Lofty goals to work towards, but that is what makes us idealists. 

When some of my friends at Hampshire and I had the (completely informal and mostly unrealized) Apocalypse club, or just ran around talking about the apocalypse, it was with an energizing feeling. It helped us gain the momentum needed to make hot pants out of a sweater (etc.). I am pysched about projects and friends and community- and yelling ‘for the apocalypse’ helps get me even more excited. Like how excited I am about a zine distro. 

The zines published by the Approaching Apocalypse distro have a focus on political and social justice issues (animal liberation, straight edge, vegan, social movements, environmental and sustainability issues, anarchism, etc.) as well as DIY how to subjects, punk, art, travel and personal zines. We welcome any submissions along these lines, and probably most other well-done zines. Contact us if you want to be distributed by Approaching Apocalypse, we are always looking for more titles.  

Certain books may also be distributed by Approaching Apocalypse, if they seem relevant to the previous mentioned topics. Hopefully a vast array of awesome things, such as t-shirts, patches, buttons, tapes, and CDs will become available as Approaching Apocalypse grows. Vegan snacks are a future attendee of tabling events. 

Approaching Apocalypse will operate mainly through the postal service, tabling at shows and conferences, and potentially a website in the near future. Contact: Mo

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