Brainscan Issues 21 and A Practical Body Modification

Posted: November 28, 2007 in abusive relationships, Alex Wrekk, birth control, Brainscan, intra uterine device, IUD, manipulation, relationships, reproductive issues, Stolen Sharpie Revolution, Uncategorized

NEW!!! Zines from ALex Wrekk

We have 2 new zines from Alex Wrekk, author of Stolen Sharpie Revolution and Brainscan zine.

Issue 21 of Brainscan Irreconcilable Differences, documenting Alex’s ending of a manipulative and destructive relationship of 6 years. 22 half size double sided pages. Good reading for anyone who has found them losing themselves in a relationship or who have suffered emotional manipulation. 3 dollars.approachingapocalypse-016.jpg

A Practical Body Modification- 16 quarter size double sided pages documenting Alex’s experiences with IUD birth control. Provides facts and personal experiences about getting an IUD. Must read for anyone considering that form of birth control or interested in women’s reproductive issues. 2 dollars. approachingapocalypse-015.jpg

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