A New Tommorrow Zine 22, 23, 24

Posted: November 28, 2007 in Uncategorized

A New Tommorrow Zine 22, 23, 24

We now have Issues 22(Aug 2006), 23 (Feb 2007) , and 24 (Aug 2007)of A New Tomorrow by Mike Kraus outta Chicago, IL available for 2 dollars each. 16 page half size zine with lots of photos and original artwork, as well as interesting propaganda. These zines involve Mike’s struggles to find a place and meaning in the world, as well as larger political issues. It reads like talking to a familiar friend.


A New Tomorrow will explore the personal life hoping to discover universal truths.


1) Promote individual achievement with social cooperation
2) Use clear intentions, a calm attitude, focus, and harmony
3) Govern ourselves; not others.
4) Work for unity instead of competition.
5) To be open and promote general participation and reject secrecy, racism, sexism, homophobia, and other discriminatory practices
6) We will work toward defending the weak, protecting the environment, useful education, eliminating poverty, and implementing universal healthcare as a means to peace
7) We strive for simplicity and moderation.

  1. arlin wallace says:

    How do I get a catalog or view your publication online?

  2. anarchymo says:

    not the same, sorry

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